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An amazing person. Someone who is beautiful and has no idea how beautiful they are!! looks like a jack wills model. total babe. just generally awesome and the best friend you could ask for!
I love you fritha!
#fritha #frith #frit #thritha #frithy
by 6767678 March 24, 2011
a female name originating in the isle of Mann. Can also be "frith".

famous from the book "the snow goose"
#fritha #isle #of #mann #female name
by bridieiscool April 14, 2009
A Manx name - Means "Likes Shoes"
Usually found trawling through online shops or lost in department stores for weeks on end.
Kind and caring, but touch her suede and you are in for it.
That Imelda Marcos is a proper 'fritha'
#shoes #shopping #watership down #goose #manx
by Mr Brantano November 19, 2011
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