To insert ones fist into a females vagina, like fisting but used as a term on porno sets to tell the difference between a fist in the vagina or a fist in the anal region.
Do you want me to get fristy on her this go around?
by rebma&evad January 12, 2011
Getting frisky with a girl when all of a sudden she tries to give you a hand job with her wrists, becoming an immediate turn off
Rob: Dude, did you hear about Joe and Gina the other night?!
Dude: No, why? What happened man?
Rob: Gina totally got all fristy with him!
Dude: No way, that sucks he didn't get any.
Awkward Silence
Dude: He didn't...
Rob: He gave her a cum bracelet
by bstnredsox91 January 25, 2012
To make an obnoxious yet smartass comment while under influence to a group of honeys on their way to hit the clubs.

Josh : hey ladies can i get a wristy ?

Girls : WHAT

Josh : i said got change for a fifty ?

Sammo: ahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahhaahhha nice fristy asshole
by kooni September 17, 2007

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