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The sport where one player must throw a frisbee 20 feet away through the opponents legs. Played with nothing but a fribee, and it's considered a great drinking game.

Rules: Frisbitch is an individual sport played one-on-one. The frisbee must be in the air when it passes in between the opponent's legs. If the player scores, the player gets one point. They are not penalized for missing. The two players take turns trying to score until someone reaches 5 points (win by 2 with redemption). The distance between the players must be a minimum of 20 feet. For girls, the distance may be shortened.

Certain Conditions: Typically by the end of the match, the players would have been hit in the shins, ankles, thighs, and private area, causing bruises and black-n-blues. Opponents do their best to stay in their "legs-spread" position without reacting to the frisbee coming towards them. Players sometimes move their body slightly when it comes toward them, trying to avoid being hit but it could affect whether the frisbee goes between the legs or not.

Fouls: If a player commits three fouls during the match, then a point is awarded to the opponent for that foul and for the fouls committed after that. Fouls could include: physical fighting, throwing wild above the waist, confronting the line judge, or blocking the frisbee.

Creation: Created by Craig Camara and Matthew Turner on September 18, 2010 at Hofstra University.
I've been waiting all week for Friday Night Frisbitch.
by TheAwkwardBMAC October 01, 2010
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