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A hipster devoted to Progressive Rock and associated music. (jazz, jam, post-rock, progressive metal, etc.)

Their music may include the likes of Yes, King Crimson, Geneis, Pink Floyd or more modern bands such as Porcupine Tree or Dream Theater.

The name is a portmanteau of hipster and Robert Fripp. Fripp is the leader of the first Progressive Rock band ever: King Crimson.

Being a frippster is a paradox considering the former massive popularity of progressive rock. But since it is starting to come back into the limelight with acts such as The Mars Volta and Dream Theater, these hipsters relish saying they liked it before it was cool...
Bro 1: Oh man look at that hipster over there!

Bro 2: That's not a hipster that's a frippster.

Bro 1: What's a frippster?

Bro 2: A hipster that loves prog.

Bro 1: Respects.
by TheMerryWebSir December 25, 2012
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