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Fuck Her Right in the Pussy. An acronym that defines the current generation, the rallying cry for all those who stand for freedom
Guy 1: Hey man did you break up with Amanda?
Guy 2: No, I'm gonna FRIP her tonight.

Girl 1: I wonder what we're having for dinner.
Guy 1: FRIP!
by chalna September 01, 2014
1.Male version of queeb 2.Forever Rest In Peace
1.Man that guy had a major ass frib
2. Nick Slavino forever rest in peace
by Zab123ajd March 20, 2004
Fart or Forever Rest In Peace
by Funky Lurve Machine April 11, 2003
frozen nips/nipples, hard/erect nipples; typically on a female
Mat: Damn, that bitch got some frips!
Eric: Tap that ass!
by erischeine September 11, 2006