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A skillful and rare manoeuvre made only by the most sly and daring of emos when their gay fringe pisses them off to such an extent that any hint of self-control and/or restraint that they had over themselves disappears. The initial relief that the emo experiences upon flicking their homosexual hair out of their face is near orgasmic...but I suppose anything is in comparison to the mental agony they're in...
"Dammit, I can't see a thing..."
*Bumps into a lampost*
"Oh God...That hurt...That lampost totally, like, didn't understand me...I can feel the pain coursing right through me, tearing me apart from the inside, just like when I get my gay fringe cut at the hairdressers'...I'll cut myself when I get home so I can deal with all of my imaginary problems better...Of course, the pain's nothing compared to the emotional pain I'm in...This fringe is getting too much...I can't take it anymore...Maybe if I just give it a quick flick, no one will notice and I'll be able to see where I'm going for a split second...But...What if someone sees? They won't think of me as being 'hardcore' anymore...Uh...Oh, fuck it. It's all in my eyes and up my nose and it tickles."
*Fringe flick*
by Criminal Activist November 01, 2007
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