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(V/A) To be an ultimate BOSS in several situations (often violent) or as a descriptive word for an action.
(v) If that gentleman looks at me in a threatening way i'm going to go right up to him and FRIMPONG him in the head!

(a) wow what a great party! was so FRIMPONG!!!
by slammerrjammer August 22, 2011
The most awesome person you'll ever meet. A near mystical being who combines good humor, sensitivity and pure muscle mass in one earth-defying body.
Girl A: Oh My God!! Who's the hottie by the bar?
Girl B: I Don't Know, but he looks like a total frimpong.
by Word-^_^-Up June 17, 2011
To be awesome or epic
Wow that film was totally frimpong
by KMan17 August 21, 2011