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is the defintion of a german boy, who claims to be an english person. but he was acually born in a german concentration camp and claims it was an raf base, this type of person also forgets to take important documents to their theory test but really they failed. This person also has a resemblance to jermey kyle and some people have mistaken him for his son. He always falls for girls who look like they have been hit by a shovel in the face and ran over by a train 6times in a show and shat on, then a racoon has played with her nose and pulled it out of place making her look like a seagul, also falls fo other girls "ASWELL"
that guy is such a frigpot
by lamb167827553 November 25, 2011
an absolute tosser who has no regard for there fellow companions and loves to take it up the rummuth.
ellis kieth faulkner is a frig pot
by Jonny Pickles June 30, 2006
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