a person who fries excessively!
You are such a friggle!
by octopusman413 August 27, 2009
Top Definition
An exclamation of anger, bad luck, etc.
Much like the curse word forms of frig or fuck, but a lot more polite/acceptable.
(Think sugar, shnike, etc.)
Oh friggle...I'm late for class!
by ~*~Kelçèe~*~ April 13, 2004
When you pass gas and the vibration tickle your junk making you laugh hysterically.
Dude! I just friggled my junk. That was funny.
by JROBi December 14, 2010
Friggle means a sexy woman. Who usually dresses in tight and short clothing items. Leather always makes her look hotter... if possible.
Friend: That girl over there is a Friggle
Other Friend: Dibs!
by giggle1144 February 05, 2011
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