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Adjective - meaningless word added for emphasis, sometimes interrupting other words part way through. Often used as a substitute for "fucking" but slightly more polite AND LIGHTHEARTED. "Fuck" and its derivatives are generally considered quite harsh in most social circles.

Interjection - less common. Substitute "frig" for "fuck" in its usual situation to avoid abrasiveness.
adj - Hang on to yer friggin' hat.
adj - Absofrigginlutely
int - Frig, I wouldn't have known that.
by radiosonde October 29, 2007
(exclamation), also sub. for fuckin', fucking. Also, see freakin'.

1. The word can be used as a toned-down version in a formal or public setting to address excitement. "friggin awesome", or "friggin sweet".

2. Can also be used by those who simply are too afraid to say "fuckin'" or "fucking", thus censoring themselves.
1. "Hey Gina, have you stopped by that new internet cafe in town? It's friggin' great!"

2. "this weather is driving me friggin insane."
by boggler September 01, 2006
Used as a direct replacement for "fuckin'". Used primarilly for pussys who don't wish to be beaten by parents, teachers, or religious leaders for curseing in public.
Mom: Hello Tommy, How was school?
Tom: It was fucken...
Mom: What was that?!?
Tom: I meant it was friggin...
Beatings follow
by Me bitch! August 15, 2003
Really cool people say it.
he friggin squealed like an f-ing pig.
by Calvin G November 08, 2007
the same as freakin, what some poele say instead of fukin. just written in an accent.
A: yo man, I got a friggin 40 in my math test.
B: thats gangsta gee, keep it up!!
by reza90 June 25, 2006
a word used by teenagers when around thier parents, to still appear cool yet not get ground, used in place of the "F" word (OH NOES!!!)
"look at that f...riggin giraffe!"
by Dack9 March 13, 2005
like as in seriously to the maxx amazingly, or x-treme
that was soo friggin awsome!
by Erendira October 11, 2005