Someone who's guts you hate allconsumingly and bitterly but with which you also have highly fascinating and fulfilling conversations with.
I first used this term on aim to describe my frienemy zaque something like a year ago, well before any of you touched the word, and i see that it's now slipped into common usage, yet, none of you got it it right. I also see, due to wikipedia, that I probably picked up the term from some policital stuff i was into, and the term is not my invention, but merely, I was the only that made the term popular.
by Daeros August 16, 2008
In business, companies that can be both competitors and partners, depending on the circumstances.
Because Experian owns many companies that share common markets, creating the opportunity to share initiatives but also compete for business, each are a "frienemy" to the other.
by ChuckUrbanDictionary May 18, 2007
A stranger that has the potential to become either a friend or an enemy
Ex. 1
A: Hey!
Stranger: Uh...hi? Why are you talking to me? Please stop. Go're creepy.
^A frienemy gone bad

Ex. 2
A: Hey!
Stranger: HI! OMG! You're so awesome! Let's go be friends!<3
by A.d.L March 19, 2008
A friend, but also an enemy (confused saying)
someone who has a friend but also has an enemy
by your werst nightmare September 01, 2002
1.A half-retarded gay monkey
2.My love Chloscar
3.My friend and my enemy
1. A monkey thats gay and half retarded
2. Your love
3. You are my friend and my enemy
by No. 18's friend Gri... December 02, 2002
Mostly your friend but also is an enemy of yours.
Taylor is a friendly frienemy.
by CJB🍭 June 17, 2016
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