(Freh-nah-mee) 1. A person who acts like your friend, but is a backstabber when you have your back turned. 2.This kind of person creates malicious gossip about his or her friends due to incapability to deal with his or her jealous feelings towards them. 3. A hater.
Because she saw that Susan got a full ride scholarship, and she didn't, Megan became such a frienemy.
by Chris Reeds October 14, 2009
One who is your friend, but has an on and off relationship of being your enemy as well.
Arnold:"Hey Jake, you still hanging out with Joey?"
Jake:"I dont know, he's sorta my frienemy."
by Mike Fin March 04, 2008
People who pretend to be your friend but secretly wish that you would fall on your face...People that put you into a situation that they orchestrated to embarrass you, start drama and/or to make themselves look superior...People that really have self doubt and are jealous but feel they have no recourse except to undermined their friends...People that have no conscientious and under estimate the consequences of their actions because they under estimate the character of their victim
Some that pretends to be your friend but is secretly plotting behind your back to embarrass you in a Public place/party. Frienemies - an enemy that pretends to be your friend
by bwichng1 October 16, 2012

1)A "friend" that you keep around even though he/she makes your life miserable.

2)A person that is only your friend when it suits them.
1)Man, Todd put bleach in my shampoo. He's such a frienemy!

2)My frienemy came back cuz she heard I came into some cash.
by pauljeta69 February 09, 2010
Pretending to be friends but, are actually enemies
Anywa is a frienemy towards Hannah.
by ....,.,..,.,.,., June 05, 2015
Friend that is actually your enemy. Not truly having your back as a friend.
You use to be my friend, now you are one of my frienemies. Fake and two- face
by realunderstanding September 17, 2013
A "toxic" person who can be quite good at posing as a friend but purposefully wishes you harm—think: You find the Wicked Witch of the West behind the curtains instead of the Wizard of Oz after you all beat yourself to a pulp crossing that beautiful field of poppies! ~and yea, it doesn't bode well for your significant other either!
by YouthSpentOnWisdom June 12, 2012

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