your girlfriends best friend who hates you and you hate as well, or vise versa. anyone who agrees to act somewhat respectfull to a person as they do the same with the understanding that they both hate eachother
girlfriends best friend: i hate you
boyfriend: i hate you too bitch
girlfriends best friend: let's be frienemys
boyfriend: ok
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by satan beef April 03, 2010
Top Definition
A "toxic" person who poses as a friend but subconsciously or consciously wishes you harm.
by Peat Bog Man February 06, 2002
A person who you treat and whom treats you as a friend but if they are given a chance would "cut your throat" or get one over on you/put themselves first if it would benifit themselves, or they would gain an advantage over you. Similar to an enemy.
A Frienemy are most female squash players i.e a person who you travel the pro squash circuits, hang aroung with each other, share life stories and rooms but all the time are looking for weaknesses with you to have the edge over you in competition such as spotting your illness/injury are.
You run out of sports drink , your frienemy will not give you a tiny bit of theirs until they have finished thier competition, even though they have more than they need.
#friend #enemy #advantage #weakness #benifit #fake #frenemy #frenamy #friendamy #frienamy.
by Urban Dictionary April 02, 2008
a blurred friendship; a friend and a rival or enemy.
My classmates made me look bad - they are being such frienemies to me today.
#friendemy #frienimies #rival #enemy #friend
by Audrey V August 02, 2006
A frienemy is someone, who is your friend but also an enemy.
It is a word between love and hate.
"We are frienemies since I can remember!"
fake friends you have for selfish purposes

friends you know don't really like you and you don't like them either

friends you get that were once enemies because you're planning on stabbing them in the back
"Keep your friends close but your frienemies closer haha"

"Don't invite Sarah...she's only a frienemy."
#friends #enemies #foes #fake friends #that one friend no one really likes
by j tha lady killa August 16, 2009
A frienemy is friend that you love but at times you call an enemy for joking purposes. They is sometimes there for you unlike a best friend who is always there for you. They may tease you and do stuff to you in front of people for fun, which you may consider mean, but on the inside but your frienemy willing to almost always be there for you. Peace!
Friend: "Hey my best frienemy!"

Frienemy: "Wassup retard, looking fugly today!"

Friend: "Thanks man!"
#friend #enemy #best friend #rival #homies
by Snickerdoodle Pop June 21, 2011
Friend + Enemy = frienemy

An enemy who uses friendship to conceal their attacks.
Jack: "Jenny, you should watch your back with Gill, cause before you came she was telling everyone your secret!"

Jenny: "What! she's such a frienemy!"
#backstab #enemy #fake friend #betray #eediat ting
by Erinski Easy December 11, 2008
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