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When you get friends with two people that doesn't know each other and then who becomes friend and leaves you lonely.
I got friendfucked today when Sophie and Greg got lunch together.
by TheOnlyVeon November 12, 2012
Similar to being Friend zoned, but to make it worse goes out with someone close to you. I.E. best friend, brother/sister, or cousin
Guy 1: Hey what happened to you and that one chick you were trying to get.
Guy 2: Oh, I was Friend Fucked be her.
Guy 1: Friend Fucked?
Guy 2: She Friend zoned me, and started going out with my best friend.
Guy 1: Man, fuck that bitch, I'll get you a girl that will stay with you.
Guy 2: Thanks, man.
by FISTFULofCAKES July 02, 2012