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When your heads so out of place it feels as if someone took your brain and put it in a frying pan
Wigz: man am fried up in absalote bits

Biff: me alsa man me alsa
by Flacidsnake September 27, 2009
7 6
Being as high as you can get. Or the period after an orgasm and can no longer get hard.
Ex 1) Nigga i smoked that dime ann got fried up.

Ex 2) That bitch fuck so good she got me fried up
by Lil Saint364 December 22, 2008
3 2
When some one gets Told or Owned but in a situation where a girl 'owns' a guy. Often ending with a embarrassed Red face.

Fried Up/Fridup

1 - "Woah, Fred just got Fried Up by jessie"

2 - "LOL, Fridup much, look at his face"
by Flinderss October 28, 2008
0 2