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When you leave early from the bar with some skank, fuck her bareback, don't clean yourself off, then go home to your girl and fuck her bareback leaving your dick crusty like a fried banana!
I totally fucked Rebecca until about 11 then went to Karens and gave her the "fried banana" in her mouth!
by SacNuts Shane January 05, 2009
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a rather large penis that has experienced too much wear and tear and is no longer useable.
All this fuckin's got me fried banana
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Fried Banana: (sexual act) When you're fu*king a girl from behind, pull out and cum on her ass as she farts and you light it!!! "KABOOOM! The Fried Banana!!!"
"Hey you remember that chick Shirley from the laundromat last week? Yeah well I took her home and gave her the Fried Banana!!" -some douche
by JG Trayne April 24, 2013
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