an act kind of like taking drugs, except involving placing a fridge up your anus
Cpt. Blow: Filthly Fatcock was found dead today after he overdosed on a fisher & pikel fridge, during a fridging sesh
by crazymofo64 May 14, 2010
Top Definition
The act of searching the fridge continuously but not eating or drinking anything in there. For example, when you get home and just keep looking through the refrigerator and cupboards but not grabbing anything to eat.
"Hey, Kitty, what are you up to?"
"Nothing much, just fridging."
by kittykat.killer May 29, 2016
Really cold but not quite freezing
It's fridging turn the heating on
by carbona_not_glue October 17, 2012
to go into someone's garage and take their alcohol
We're out of beer...let's go fridging
by Josh D'Arcangelo February 25, 2007
the act of having sex with a partner against a fridge
"i totaly fridged her last night"

" oh dude thats so cool ive wanted to try fridging for a long time"

"then i ate some stuff from the fridge"
by officialalex97 February 27, 2014
1. to be large (as the university of maryland's football coach, ralph fridgin)
2. to intake large amounts of food with striking similarities to the university of maryland's foot ball coach, ralph fridgin
1. guy 1: look at that hog in the speedo! gross.
guy 2: he is so fridging.

2.guy 1: look at that guy eat! it's like the whole buffet!
guy 2: he's totally fridging.
by minderella February 02, 2005
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