A series of movies starring Ice Cube.
Everytime I would watch the Friday series, I can't stop laughing.
by Saints February 20, 2005
The worlds most annoying song since Justin Bieber's "Baby"
Everyone else: STFU!!
by HannahLynnLove March 26, 2011
The space time continuum dictates that it is the start of a temporary 2 day hiatus of school and teacher authority over students, being that is the 6th day of the week, the 5th work day of the week, following Thursday.
This Friday we will all be free from the oppressive environment known simply as school.
by Mr. Br March 04, 2010
Day of the work week that is the least productive because you just don't give a shit.
Boss: Johnson, are you finished with those reports I sent you?
Johnson: Hell no! It's Friday, I'm about to take my pants off!
by mooseknuckle2.0 September 21, 2012
The day that Rebecca Black ruined
Rebecca Black ruined Friday with that awful song
by factoropinion April 10, 2011
A day everyone used to look forward to until a 13-year-old came out with a song called Friday and turned the day into a negative connotation. As a result, we now have all these Friday jokes we can't get away from.
Girl 1: "I'm glad it's Friday. Can't wait to go home, sleep, relax and chill with my friends"

Girl 2: "Friday, Friday, gettin down on Friday everybody's lookin forward to the weekend"

Girl 1: "Partyin, Partyin (yeah)"

Girl 2: "Partyin, Partyin (yeah)"

Girl 1: grabs a bat and hits the other person with it "fun, fun, fun, fun" now stop ruining my Friday with this abomination
by Distortioncat April 08, 2011
The unfortunate word that is the solid base to the song "Friday" by Rebecca Black. She uses the most amazing day of the week and completely turns it into something that no one looks forward to any longer.
Guy 1: Im so excited for friday!

Guy 2: I heard that song and now im only into saturdays.

Guy 1: What song?

Guy 2: The Rebecca Black one!

Guy 1: *listens*.......thanks alot, now i just want saturday to come.
by biebseroonie April 04, 2011
The day that follows Thursday, but comes before Saturday. A day of partying and having fun, and looking forward to the weekend.
It is Friday.
by harrypotterismydad March 27, 2011
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