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A series of movies starring Ice Cube.
Everytime I would watch the Friday series, I can't stop laughing.
by Saints February 20, 2005
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Maybe the most annoying song ever by Rebecca Black.
Rebecca: Yesterday was thursday, today it is Friday, tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday comes after.......wards

Everyone whose ever watched youtube: NO!!! REBECCA PLEASE STOP! MY EARS ARE MELTING
by fmlrebeccablack March 18, 2011
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A day in which a multitude of perplexing problems get in the way, including:

1. Having to wake up
2. Having to have your bowl
3. Having to get ready
4. Having to catch your bus
5. Having to wait for the bus
6. Seeing your friends kickin in the front seat and sittin in the back seat
7. Having to make your mind up: which seat you can take?
8. Everybody looking forward to the weekend

After which the following ensues:

1. Getting down
2. Partying
3. Partying
4. Yeah
5. Fun
6. Fun
7. Fun
8. Fun
Girlfriend: Mornin honey. What day is it?
Boyfriend: Well lets see. If yesterday was Thursday, Thursday, then today it is Friday Friday! We we we so excited!
by Jorgenstein April 09, 2011
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Title of song by Rebecca Black as seen on Youtube and Tosh.0 that went from 2,000 views to 11 million views in just one week, which goes to show how much time America spends checking many of todays social media outlets.
Kyle: Hey, John. Have you made a parody of that one song "Friday" by Rebecca Black yet?

John: Not yet, Kyle. I'm too busy adding another 30 people to my 700+ facebook friends list.
by [Insert witty pseudonym her] March 22, 2011
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When you eat a bowl of cereal. When you have decide which seat to take. When you get down at a party and have fun, fun, fun, fun. When you look forward to the weekend.
Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday
Today i-is Friday, Friday (Partyin’)
We-we-we so excited
We so excited
We gonna have a ball today

Tomorrow is Saturday
And Sunday comes after...wards
I don’t want this weekend to end
by Rebecca Black(idk some dumb bi March 17, 2011
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n. 1. The day before Saturday, usually spent partying and staying up all night playing Pokemon.
2. An extremely terrible and auto-tuned viral internet video sung by Rebecca Black, who sings like she has a nasal condition; a good way to slowly loose your sense of hearing.
I hate Friday now all because of Rebecca Black and Ark Music Factory.
by Kitty The Pokemon Fanatic April 09, 2011
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The day that comes after Thursday and before Saturday. It count as the weekend and its FUN FUN FUN. a very popular day for 8th graders because apparently they party and drive around in convertibles passing school buses on the freeway instead of going to school.

P.S ... Sunday Comes after Saturday just in case you didnt know
It's Friday, Friday

Gotta get down on Friday
Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend, weekend

Friday, Friday

Gettin' down on Friday
Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend
by lionheart2189 March 19, 2011
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The day you can't decide if you want to sit in the front seat or the back seat.
Did you hear? They were late cause it was friday so Tom couldnt decide on his seat.
by FlibleFlabble March 18, 2011
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