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A series of movies starring Ice Cube.
Everytime I would watch the Friday series, I can't stop laughing.
by Saints February 20, 2005
The song "Friday" is sang by a 13 year old that puts on too much make-up to even notice her age at all. Her voice songs like a frog on crack, but I'm not trying to insult the frog as it could obviously do a better job at singing. In the video, there are other middle schoolers illegally driving the car and Rebecca is being an under aged slut to go to parties. The extras in the video are mindlessly dancing around like they don't know what the hell is going on or that they don't want to be there and are embarrassed. Some random man in the video has to stand around encouraging them do to even sing and dance, even though it's obvious they aren't listening and just want to get the hell out of there. The green screening is terrible, along with the whole video its self. Most 12 year olds could do a better job video taping. The random black man that starts rapping in the video is most likely some random man off the street that got paid thousands of dollars just to do the job decently. Rebecca's lip singing is way off and you can tell that she's not singing any bit of it. The video gets 100 comments per second and 8,000 dislikes per half hour. The video has more than half a million dislikes and half a 100,000 likes. The half a 100,000 must be Justin Bieber fans for sure.
Dear Canada, you gave us Justin Bieber.. So we give you Rebecca Black's song Friday .
by Linda Berson March 24, 2011
On this day, you wake up at 7 a.m., eat cereal for breakfast, and go to the bus stop and see your friends driving. After deciding which seat to take, you ride on the highway, awkwardly dancing standing up in the back seat, until you get to a random dark alley where you party and have fun. Everyone is looking forward to the weekend.
Yesterday was Thursday. Today it is Friday. We we we so excited, we so excited, we gonna have a ball today. Tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday comes afterwards.

I don't want this weekend to end!
by chaojh March 23, 2011
A song that encompasses all the worst parts of modern pop music and throws them in a blender to create the ultimate shit- sucking-shake.
B13b3rfAn69: Li3k OmG, haiv u herd Friday by Rebbeca Black, omG it iz li3k so goud, she iz sooooo hawt and soupr towelented!!!
AverageJoe: Why God, why...?
by worgindeywrist March 25, 2011
the day of the week when you get up at 7:00am, go downstairs, have your bowl, have cereal. and time is ticking on and on (as it does) you walk down to the bus stop and oh what a surprise, you're 13 year old friends turn up in a car (surprisingly one of these 13 year olds can drive, i know right, well cool) and they're all like kicking in the front seat and sitting in the back seat, and then you come across this extraordinary dilemma of choosing a seat, but you're all cool about it, cos after all you're rebecca black. pa'chow.
...Yesterday was Thursday (Thursday).. Today it is Friday (Friday)... We we we so excited... we so excited..
by Iliepeaches March 22, 2011
1). Friday is that special day of the week when kids go crazy for cartoons, and adults go drunk at night. TGI Fridays is usually blamed for the drunk people, not Ruby Tuesdays (no one really cares about Tuesdays), TGI Fridays. Cartoon Network is blamed for kids with an overly obsessed cartoon urges every Friday night.

2).Friday can be defined as the 6th day of the week (Friday... 6... nothing in common), sometimes lucky, sometimes unlucky.

2.b).Unlucky Fridays? Unlucky Fridays are known as Friday the 13th! there's a minimum of 1 Friday the 13th a year. Friday the 13th is that day when people gets crazy and mess up a lot, very stereotypical... wow.
1. Its Friday time!
2. Dude! tomorrow's Friday!
3. You fucked up last Friday the 13th.
by d4rk_l1gh7 June 10, 2009
A day ruined by Rebecca Black
You: hey whats up?
Stranger: Trying to erase that song friday from my memory >.<
by Friend on the the left March 18, 2011
A day of social gathering for people of all ages (usually the last workday of the week); with the solid goal of drinking as much alcohol as possible, partying non-stop, getting laid, and many funny stories to tell monday at work.
Hey man its finally Friday. LETS GET HAMMERED!
by motoxyamaha2 April 18, 2008