A series of movies starring Ice Cube.
Everytime I would watch the Friday series, I can't stop laughing.
by Saints February 20, 2005
A day of the week in which one MUST make up their mind which seat to take. Whether they choose to kick it in the front seat or sit in the back seat is of utmost importance on this day. Often consists of partyin', partyin', partyin', partyin' and sometimes fun, fun, fun, fun.
Friend 1: What day is it?
Friend 2: Well, yesterday was Thursday, tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday comes afterwa..
by Matt & Jackie March 15, 2011
the best movie of all time produced in 1995 starring Ice Cube and Chris tucker(Craig and smokey)about two friends who smoked the weed that smokey (Chris Tucker) was suppose to sell for a drug dealer named big worm and owe him 2oo dollars they get shot at by big worms associates.but get away. Craig (Ice Cube) likes his sisters friend which gets beat by a big guy named deebo who likes to use his size to manipulate and force people to give him there money and jewelry and use them to help him still money from people Craig winds up beating the hell out of him at the end and finally dates his sisters friend.
dude one-yo have you ever seen Friday
dude two-yeah dawg thats the best movie of all time
by big Chad February 10, 2008
Sometimes pronounced "fried-egg";
Signifies the day where everyone is looking forward to the weekend. fun-fun-fun-fun-fun!
Downside: It is unclear which seat you can take.

and JUST to clear things up- The day prior to Friday is Thursday, then just after Friday comes Saturday. Finally, Sunday comes after that.

We so excited.
person 1 is kickin’ in the front seat.
person 2 is sittin’ in the back seat.
person 3: "Gotta make my mind up
Which seat can I take?"

it's friday.
by hometohmy March 16, 2011
Best day of the week. Most common phrase to explain Friday is TGIF.
Fridays are the work of God.
by Justin H. April 30, 2005
Originally named in celebration of a Norse Goddess, Friya's Day or Friday was perhaps the most sought after day of the week. People would fall to their knees and Thank God It's Friday. However strict guidelines for celebrating this holy day were made famous by Rebecca Black's song.

Commandments of Friday:

Thou shall eat cereal at precisely 7 a.m.
Thou shall heavily consider which seat to take.
Thou shall Get Down on Friday.
Thou shall know tomorrow is Saturday
Thou shall be Partyin' Partyin'.
Tony: "Its Friday Friday, Gotta get down on Friday"

Johnson: "Herman its Friday? That means Partyin' partyin' YEAH

Alex: "Herman, its friday, i don't know which seat to take"

Herman: ...It's 7am and you fuckers ruined my favorite day of the week already. Can't a guy get his Frosted Flakes in peace?"
by Guess415 April 22, 2011
Rebecca Black's one hit wonder. The song that's so stupid it's smart. It is also the reason why you know that the day before Friday is Thursday and that the day after Friday is Saturday and after that comes Sunday. It also makes you want to get your bowl and cereal and choose between the front seat and the back seat while one of your underaged friends is driving. Fun, fun, fun! Gotta get down on Friday.
Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday!
by lookforwardtofriday March 16, 2011
the day of the week everyone looks forward to according to Rebecca Black who clearly emphasizes this at least a thousand times for lack of better song writing
thanks to this song we will never think of friday the same again.

why friday you ask? well, because...


~brilliant lyrics courtesy Rebecca Black - Friday
by ViviPeter March 15, 2011
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