A darker shade of rute
The curtains at the theater were a spectacular shade of frickle
by Charlie November 19, 2003
Top Definition
a pickle or pickle slice that is deep fried
This frickle is better than a plain old pickle.
by Leney March 22, 2007
frickle (v): The act of being handed a bowl of hot hash (preferable on top of marijuana) that has been hit a few times and putting your finger or thumb on the bowl to mix it up and then wiping all the hash on your pants unknowingly. A complete frickle is then to ask the guy that handed you the bowl why there is no hash in it.
Don't frickle that bowl!

Ted was totally drunk and frickled the bowl.

Did you see that guy? He was frickling every bowl that came his way.

That Travis guy is a multiple offender when it comes to frickling.

I wish that frickler would stay out our circle.
by Hing Kyzer May 27, 2011
something that is beyond freaky
Dude, that platypus is way frickle!
by BackSpaceTuMadre February 08, 2009
Fried Pickles. A Southern fried snack - battered slices of pickles deep fried.
I'd like an order of Frickles with my BBQ Pork Sandwich.
by know_it_all1 March 25, 2010
A less severe synonym for fuckles. You can use this word to express dismay without actually swearing. If fuckles means "oh shit" then frickles means "oh crap".
Frickles! I locked my keys in the car again, mom.
by blueaura October 04, 2004
A combination of being frugal and finicky
If you want the job done right and you want to save money, then you need to be frickle
by The__Goo July 18, 2009
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