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a sandwich made with heated up marshmallow and coated in peanut butter, slapped inside a toasted piece of white bread...... delicious
lcg made me a frick for lunch......

aka- a fruck
by bobert handolpherson May 06, 2008
6 41
one who resembles, is, or is more than likely to become a child molestor and or rapist.
That dude in the white van looks like a total frick
by A. Molin July 11, 2006
7 42
Fucking and Prick combined together to make the ultimate cuss
eeew get away 4rm me u frick!!!!
by x....Brown Sugar....x December 10, 2007
4 40
Trash (verb) - To Trash

(flip, screw, frick, hang it, are all replacements for the word: "fuck")
My day just got fricked up - (My day just got trashed up)
Rob: im gona tell her
Dan: if you do i will frick you up (i will trash you up)
by SandyMandyDandyCandy November 20, 2005
7 43
substitution for the word fuck. guys that are to pussy to say fuck use this word.
guy 2: "man u are a fucking pussy."
by copy November 06, 2005
26 64
A combination of frig and fuck. Commonly used by mistake when frig is meant. Often used to imply cursing while attempting to avoid the public shock of speaking either frig or fuck.
Everyone laughed and encouraged me in the locker room when I bragged that I plan to frick my girlfriend after the game tonight.
by GoTigers June 10, 2007
0 40
noun. A person who is a fag and a dick and a prick all rolled up into one. Thus creating FRICK.
My friend Ken is a frick all days of the week, except Sundays; he's a fag
by Aurora March 25, 2005
39 81