The act of tricking on fixed gear bikes.
Hey bro, want to get a frick sesh in before the bike party?
by SCfixrider January 14, 2010
A word that American women use when they mean fuck, but they want to sound like a stupid 14 year old.
Frick! I missed my period!
by stickdrawing November 21, 2009
A portmanteau of the words "fuck" and "trick", meaning: "To trick someone into having unprotected sex."

Fricksters are often males, but not exclusively.

Remember, kids: although fun, fricking may result in unwanted pregnancies.
A: "Man, I got fricked. She told me she was on the pill, and now she's knocked up!"
B: "That's fucked up."
by too_much_internet January 19, 2012
Meaning; Someone with a non American accent trying to say "Freak".
Guy: "I would do horrible things to your vagina."

Girl: "YOU FRICK!!"
by Jalisima Verrigoza September 05, 2009
the act of sticking your penis into an animal's butt hole or vagina.
"hey dude, where did you get those scratch marks?"

"i was just fricking a polar bear last night."
by zooo keeper March 04, 2009
An unwanted substitute for big-boy curse words that has made its way into your vocabulary strictly because some kid who had his mouth washed out at an early age says it unceasingly. Often comes to replace, and completely eliminate the use of more powerful, and ultimately more satisfactory words. Can also result in making you sound like an elementary school kid trying to act tough.

Can also be used in tandem with "what the" to create "what the frick" which is a completely lame expletive for situations when you really have nothing better to say.
-"What the frick?"
- "Why don't you just man-up and say 'fuck?'"
-"I really don't know... frick."
by Spatch Adams May 01, 2009
A species of their own. Very awkward, mildly retarded, yet a very caring and motherly creature. Very open about nudity. Loves to harmonize in singing and frequently wears inappropriate clothing for the said event. Not to be avoided- actually one in every group is quite nice. Is dissed on a reguar basis.
"Who is that non-human?"
"Oh, that's just a Frick."

"Frick, you are so awkward."
by Alwina Humperdink July 25, 2006

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