You say this when you dont want to say fuck.
Martin: You better frick him up Marcus.

Marcus: Oh I will.
by grandepinga1000 August 20, 2011
When one is too much of a goody good to say the real word and must use an acceptable substitute
Guy #1: " Hey Jimmy did you get the chicken from the store? "

Guy #2: " FRICK man I'm sorry I totally forgot! "
by GingerRepresent March 09, 2015
An exclamation of anger ex: when I was mad I exclaimed trick
I stubbed my toe so I screame frick
by trout22 June 06, 2014
A word commonly used by nine year olds to express displeasure.
Billy: Frick you Eric
by UberEdgeLord November 12, 2015

The word to say when you can't curse in front of a(n) relative/acquaintance.
"Hey Davey,get me a beer".
"Frick you Uncle Tommy,get it yourself.I'm pwning noobs at CoD:BO II.
by GramrRulz May 12, 2014
Fricks is a word used by people who doesn't like swearing.
Fricks! I locked my keys in the car.
by TonyØ April 30, 2006
A word used in a situation when something goes wrong or becomes angry but the person is either: against swearing, it is not an appropriate situation for a f*** or s***, or the they are Mormon.
What the frick?
Holy frick
by KEEPA421 April 20, 2015

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