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You say this when you dont want to say fuck.
Martin: You better frick him up Marcus.

Marcus: Oh I will.
by grandepinga1000 August 20, 2011
Fricks is a word used by people who doesn't like swearing.
Fricks! I locked my keys in the car.
by TonyØ April 30, 2006
An exclamation of anger ex: when I was mad I exclaimed trick
I stubbed my toe so I screame frick
by Sam man 22 June 06, 2014

The word to say when you can't curse in front of a(n) relative/acquaintance.
"Hey Davey,get me a beer".
"Frick you Uncle Tommy,get it yourself.I'm pwning noobs at CoD:BO II.
by GramrRulz May 12, 2014
A word used to describe anything, used as "fricking"
Also can be used as a verb for anything
Also used as a noun
You can use the word sick in front of it to make it better as "sick frick"
You're a sick frick nugget. You're a fricking flapper. I'm gonna frick you up.
by Mikethefricklick May 15, 2012
a word that you can use at school instead of fuck. never use it to mean sex!
right. i ain't fucking scared of him

change. i ain't fricking scared of him

wrong. they had frick last night
by aj1029ajsxhot October 31, 2009
Frick comes from the school of St Patricks College Mackay. It's the name for all the 'cool kids' with 'Swag' at patties. If you aren't a frick, you're a nobody.
# 1
Person 1: I need to go and see Younga, where does he sit?
Person 2: Over with all the fricks by the tuckshop

# 2
Person 1: Man I went to the best party last night (Not Kelsie Webb's)
Person 2: True who went?
Person 1: All the Fricks
by Pattiessssss August 17, 2011