A portmanteau of the words "fuck" and "trick", meaning: "To trick someone into having unprotected sex."

Fricksters are often males, but not exclusively.

Remember, kids: although fun, fricking may result in unwanted pregnancies.
A: "Man, I got fricked. She told me she was on the pill, and now she's knocked up!"
B: "That's fucked up."
by too_much_internet January 19, 2012
Top Definition
euphemism for "fuck"
"Frick you, a-hole!"
by Anonymous June 17, 2003
Another word for "fuck" and such. Also used by Elliot in the tv show Scrubs.
Frick! I just tripped in front of that hot guy.
by PepsiFreak April 07, 2007
an alternative to "fuck" that is less offensive but often still satisfying. Used in casual conversation rather than genuine anger. It is less versatile than the real f-word, and is not used to refer to sex.
What the frick was that?
I'm tired of this frickin' homework.

They fricked last night.
by Viemexis August 21, 2007
Alternative to "fuck". From the oppressive factory manager "Henry Clay Frick" who was hated by his workers. Frick was shot multiple times by the anarchist Alexander Berkman, then stabbed repeatedly until Berkman was pulled off the mangled near-corpse of Frick.
"The car broke down again."
by Alex Temal November 18, 2004
A word used when someone finds themself in a situation unfit for the word "fuck".
What the frick were you thinking when you did that.
by Rhett Dill April 03, 2008
From Andrew Carnegie's partner Henry Clay Frick, whose name became a "dirty word" in southwest Pennsylvania in 1892 after Pinkerton goons, whom Frick had hired, assaulted and murdered striking steel workers in the town of Homestead.
Where the frick are my car keys?
by Gahmuret June 25, 2006
The term for people who don't like mario
sammyclassicsonicfan calls people a frick
by anonymasdfdfeferfdsfdsf January 02, 2014
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