a freaky retard who is usually an asshole
Oh my gosh, he is such a fucking fretard!
by jordan, christine, ming July 08, 2005
Someone who has done a lot of Freon. Freon, as everyone knows, can make you retarted, thus, becoming Fre-Tarted...
"Oh my god yo...after Jay hit that bag one last time, he became a total Fre-Tard on us!"
by Ashley Chaffin December 25, 2007
A very retarded and/or stupid person from Fremont, NH. Can be also used as a compliment.
Shut up you stupid Fretard.

Why Jane, you're look very Fretarded tonight.
by Boles March 21, 2003
ur mom
by Anonymous August 11, 2003
jay or
by Anonymous August 11, 2003

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