Fretard:(noun) The female who looks for a "Knight in Shining Armor" but only finds a "Retard in Aluminum foil".
Person1: Jane Doe is such a Fretard; she keeps on getting on the short yellow bus looking for love without a helmet.
Person2: You're so right! She needs to get off of that short yellow bus or put on a helmet (so that she can fit in).
by Da Gr8 Gazoo February 26, 2011
When you try to say retard with F***ing in front of it, but realize that sounds unclassy, so you change it at the last moment.
Dude, you such fretard, oh gee, I should watch my language when there are little ones around!
by Katskratch June 02, 2010

A combination of the words "fucking" and "retard", used as a profane escalation of the word "retard". When used in electronic communication (txt msgs, etc.), the F is often capitalized to show emphasis on the profane ("Fucking") portion of the word. i.e. Fretard!
Normal Person: "That skater kid is such a Fretard!"
by brownnipples March 04, 2009
someone who is just freaking retarded but not quite a fucktard

in the army the rank before fucktard
You see that gut over there, yeah he is a fucktard! You! YOUR NOT EVEN GOOD ENOUGH TO BE A FUCKTARD, YOU ARE A FRETARD!!!
by Vampyro March 08, 2005
someone who is retared in the subject of french, also a french person who is retarded
1. OMG that Bill boy's a right fretard, he should get a tutor or something
2. OMG Louis-Pierre's a total fretard he should stop being french so much.
by JesusFriendAndrew January 13, 2009
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