Large city between the Bay & L.A.
The 559,The know town,Grizzle city

House parties every weekend & they don't get raided
Taggers and mobbers run the city

Late night chilling with brew pot niqqa's and bitches
Easy as hell to get any drug
There's funk between the north side taggers and the east side taggers the funk isn't gang related as they are not gangsters just tagging crews
There is Fine ass looking bitches Thick as fuck Latina's slutty ass white girls and ghetto thick black bitches!
(duh there's busted bitches but thats goes for every city )
Fresno is a koo ass fuck place to live well at least if your a youngin'! -E$F
Him:Were you from?
him:Dawm you must be a fine looking bitch!
Me:Duh niqqa now come over & chill with me !oh and bring some brew and grapes !
by Hellotitty91 January 18, 2011
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girl; more specifically an extremely attractive one
Damn man, there are so many fresnos at this party.
by RobertEWes November 03, 2006
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