don't hate it embrace it people only hate it because they're from somewhere else...
person 1: Fresno is so lame
person 2: not true the best city ever!! where you from then??
person 1:...bakersfield
by ilovefresno July 24, 2011
fresno, california aka the NO, fresyes, or nickel nickel nine(559, the area code), is the 8th largest city in the state and is one of the largest agricultural communities in the nation. although there are some bad things here such as: crime rate(steadily decreasing), air pollution, gangs, and hot summers, there is much more to say about fresno that is positive. the high schools here are exquisite, leading many other cities in both sports and academics, it is in a convenient spot in the san joaquin valley(45 min to the sierra nevada mountains, 2 hours to the coast, 4 hours to disneyland, an hour to 3 national parks, and 3 hours to the bay area), cost of living is relatively low, the residents in most parts of the city are kind, and it's a great place to raise a family. the weather is "bipolar" as my friends and i call it in the winter, spring, or fall, but in the summer the weather stays on relatively the same pattern: 105, 108, 101, usually around there. fresno has a very undeserved reputation for being just about as bad as oakland because freeway 99 runs through downtown and doesnt give a good view of the much better parts of town. fresno state, the local university, has a nice program. there are a few other finishing schools here such as willow international, fresno city college, etc. quite honestly, anybody who doesnt live here has just heard the reputation and they have no credibility when it comes to judging fresno.
bill: dude, im going to fresno over the summer!! im soo stoked!!
mike: youre so lucky!! i wish i would could go the nickel nickel nine!!

angela: did you know carson palmer is from the NO??
sara: really?! the bengals are my favorite team!! dang, fresno is lucky!!

awesome, heat, fresno state, nickel nickel nine
by purpleygirl24 January 02, 2011
Large city between the Bay & L.A.
The 559,The know town,Grizzle city

House parties every weekend & they don't get raided
Taggers and mobbers run the city

Late night chilling with brew pot niqqa's and bitches
Easy as hell to get any drug
There's funk between the north side taggers and the east side taggers the funk isn't gang related as they are not gangsters just tagging crews
There is Fine ass looking bitches Thick as fuck Latina's slutty ass white girls and ghetto thick black bitches!
(duh there's busted bitches but thats goes for every city )
Fresno is a koo ass fuck place to live well at least if your a youngin'! -E$F
Him:Were you from?
him:Dawm you must be a fine looking bitch!
Me:Duh niqqa now come over & chill with me !oh and bring some brew and grapes !
by Hellotitty91 January 18, 2011
What is Fresno made of?
1. Religion
2. Carcinogenic Air
3. Debilitating Heat
4. Poverty
5. A Nearly-Dormant Artistic Movement
6. An Assumed Connection between Science and the Devil
7. The Devil
8. Political Futility
9. Impeded Progression

The worst problem... No Curiosity
Herold: How could people believe the world was flat or that the Sun God brought every morning?!

Jeremiah: I don't know, ask Fresno
by LJ Dizzle September 02, 2008
Aka THE NOand The Baby Bay fresno is the best littel city in the usa. L.A and theres the Bay fresno is in the middle of both.
Fresno its the 8th biggest city in the state of california
by Andre$ October 25, 2006
AKA "Hell on Earth"
AKA "The Little City That Couldn't"
AKA "Tha 'No"
AKA "The Anti-San Jose"
AKA "FresNever"
AKA "The Urban STD"
AKA "Fuckno"
Large Central California city too cool for its own good---Only California city people from out of state would never attempt to move into.
Population of about 480,000
Uneducated chimps and religious nutcases dominate city politics
Obsession with the Fresno State Bulldogs (a college sports program that wins near nothing and thrives at it)
Bitterly cold winters and regular cases of deadly fog
Methane and various agricultural smells overpowering to the normal human
Hellish summer heat (highs of around 115 in July and August)
Brown people (of all varieties) everywhere
White hicks and dimwits all over the place
Known for its lack of attractions and actual things to do
Central Valley Coyotes football passes for entertainment
Universities thrive on old age commuters
Gangsters on every poorly lit streetcorner waiting to pounce
Pervasive consumer mentality and obsession with spending hard earned money on material objects
Fast food on each of the 2,206 city intersections
Homeowners who do not want you or your family to live next to them-----give 'em a break they're trying to maintain property value!------they live in Fresno, CA however

Person 1: Bro, I could go for Taco Bell, a Quizno sub, McDonalds, and some Cold Stone ice cream right about now.
Person 2: Yeah, too bad we aren't in Fresno.
Person 1: Tell me about it! Then again, I can do without a stabbing.
by Ebeneazer December 13, 2007
The armpit (or toilet) of California. There is nothing )within a 2 hour drive) to do. AT ALL. The people are generaly not attractive, and worse than that, they are snobby! Ugly AND snobby! 99% of thoes who are not snobby are stupid. (.5% of the population are normal people)We have frequent drive-bys and car thefts. We have recently aquired about 5000 -=AzN=- (the dirty ones, (vietnam, laos, phillipians, ect...) not 'white' Asians from Japan or China)refugies and COUNTLESS mexicans. The dirty kind mind you, not the ones that act like human beings. They multiply like rats. Anyway, there is something to be said for our cutural diversity... go to one part of town and you are in vietnam! And only 10 minutes away is little Mexico! (That was heavy scarcasm for thoes of you who dont understand it) The weather is HOT in the summer (100+)and cold in the winter. Not cold enough to snow, (that would be nice) but cold enough to make you miserable. Dark clouds, wind, ect... Miserable. Utterly miserable. It has the worst Air quality in the U.S. (Thank you San Fransisco) Its like we're smoking all the time. Miserable place.
Man 1: Fuck you!
Man 2: Go to Fresno!
Man 1: *runs away crying*
by Waltz Fitzgerald, Esquire December 09, 2004

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