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A city of almost a half million residents in the Central Valley of California perhaps best described as a 'starter community' for people in small California towns who want a larger city, or people seeking a new life in California at a reasonable price. But dont expect much excitement around here, because life is dull beyond belief. Fresno epitomizes Cowtowns and relies on agriculture for its economic well being. Nor is it a good place to live for young, active adults because there are no jobs, nothing to do, crime is high, pollution problematic, and street gangs everywhere. Its only saving grace is the affordable cost of living compared to the rest of CA, but it isnt worth the enormous sense of boredom you get by living here. Fresno consistely ranks among the top US cities in violence, unemployment, pollution, car theft, gangs, teen pregnancy, alcoholism, welfare and drug abuse.
It isnt called FresNO for nothing.
by krock1dk July 01, 2012
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girl; more specifically an extremely attractive one
Damn man, there are so many fresnos at this party.
by RobertEWes November 03, 2006
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