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When someone wipes their ass with toilet paper, but because there is still shit left behind, they use a moist wipe to clean the rest up. The term was widely popularized by a teenage girl in a Cottonelle commercial, but it can be used for any toilet paper/moist wipe combination.
"Man, I just took a shit so sloppy that I had to do the freshy fresh."
"Beulah always has skid marks in her panties. Someone needs to teach that girl about the freshy fresh."
by BfloDrumDude June 21, 2012
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Moronic phrase from a bathroom tissue commercial where people use toilet paper plus a baby wipe to clean their ass after taking a crap.
People have become so fat and crap so much they need to freshy fresh themselves every time they take a dump.
by A Giant Parakeet May 27, 2012
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Implies multiple meanings, generally so fresh it's freshy fresh.
1. Newly fallen snow on the ski slopes, i.e. freshy fresh pow.
2. A fresh-ass sack of weed that smells so good the scent can be smelled outside the bag.
3. Freshly baked goods made by your lovely lady.
1. I love to ride that freshy fresh pow pow gnar to the extreme!
2. Smell this shit, I got hooked up with the freshy-freshhh!
3. She makes the freshy fresh, O YES!
by Staley July 30, 2006
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