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This phenomenon occurs when a rookie male has his first sexual encounter with a female. Usually, it occurs during a party after excessive alcohol has been consumed. This happens during a third base attempt when the male is stimulating the female genitalia with his tongue. Clearly after such drinking, both parties would have altered judgement, as well as hindered bladder control. Thus, when the male is licking out the female, the girl's loses uterine control as she experiences contractions from the orgasm, and proceeds to squirt vaginal fluid out of herself like Old Faithful. This leaves the male drenched in the juice of the vaginé.
Jake: Dude, I saw you go into the bedroom with Christy. What happened?

Lippy: Well everything was going smoothly until she all over my face.

Jake: Wow, well I guess you just fell for the Freshman Follie.

Lippy: Whatever, she's a slut.
by TheDoobieBrother November 03, 2011
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