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A Frensi is kind of a person who always gets what she wants . She is ambitious , modest and determined . You want to be her friend , but you dont want to be her enemy , cause she is really really dangerous .

A Frensi is really hot , with a natural smile . When she looks at you , you feel like her eyes are staring into your soul . She is not a fake person , she always tells the truth and she never lies to anyone . She is sweet , kind and caring . She is really talented in any suspect , specialy at singing , dancing and design. She is going to be an artist .

A Frensi is a romantic person . She can be an interesting , irresistible girlfriend . She has a great sense of humor . She can always make you laugh even when you are feeling sad . You are never bored around a person like this .

Sometimes , people can be jealous of her , but she doesnt care . She just ceeps being herself . She is just ... PERFECT . You are lucky to have her part of your life .
A : Do you know that girl named Frensi ?
B : Who doesnt ? She is an example to everyone . She is perfect . People are so jealous of her . Be her friend . You will be glad you did .
by Perfectly Inperfect December 27, 2016
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