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Awesome, great, delightful, super tasty, super fashionable
That outfit is so frenchy
by Chachis March 12, 2013
6 6
A wild Snorlax that appears only in certain areas.
OMFG its Frenchy!
by Cleggster August 21, 2010
20 23
High school kids, in french immersion who are WAYYYY cooler than ANYONE else especially Englishies They are so cool they don't even know why they bother coming. ;)

English Idiot: DAMN FRENCHIES!!!

Frenchie: honhonhon!! Va te faire foudre!!

English Idiot: Wtf kid.

Frenchie: Oui oui. Ca roule.
by Kayrahssimma April 09, 2009
18 26
an immigrant
my wife is from italy, she is a Frenchy.
by john bell June 12, 2012
3 14
An adorning nickname given to a breed of dog "French Bull Dog".In the competitve dog circuits they refer to them this way. They are short stocky,muscular dogs which resemble pitbulls except for their bat-like ears.
The frenchies took first in the non-sporting group at westminster.
by michael lovenstein March 12, 2004
11 40
shaved pubic reqion to a small rectangle, the hitler
her shaved frenchy was ready togo!
by lil stankar September 06, 2009
10 68
A boy who lives in a wishing well, has rough red skin, and eats your money when you throw it down. He also prevents your wishes from coming true and when your not looking he eats all of your ketchup.
little child: Mom my wish never came true!

Mother: Did you throw your money in the wishing well?

Little child: Yes but I think it was eaten by this digusting thing

Mother: Oh no! We must warn the people... there must be a Frenchy in that wishing well!
by Tommyson October 22, 2008
9 73