A boy who lives in a wishing well, has rough red skin, and eats your money when you throw it down. He also prevents your wishes from coming true and when your not looking he eats all of your ketchup.
little child: Mom my wish never came true!

Mother: Did you throw your money in the wishing well?

Little child: Yes but I think it was eaten by this digusting thing

Mother: Oh no! We must warn the people... there must be a Frenchy in that wishing well!
by Tommyson October 22, 2008
Top Definition
A French boy/girl living in the United States. But is a citizen of France.
"Hey what's up Frenchy"
by djjennyfe April 21, 2007
to french kiss or kiss in a way of french kiss
Michelle: so how far did you go with your gf last night?

Kris: a little frenchy.
by iTzAbby November 14, 2009
person who avoids conflict of any kind at all costs
Joe is a Frenchy, he was protesting against the war in Iraq!!
by Nick (the dick) April 04, 2003
Rare disease that french people get and spread to others. The disease itself makes you have the uncontrollable desire to give up.
Ross developed a serious case of the frenchies and gave up on this school, work, and his life.
by jewwwsswssws August 17, 2011
slang for french knickers
"that girls wearing frenchies, sweet"
by squireB April 05, 2008
A mildly derogatory term for a person of French citizenship.
All right Frenchy, you can stop protesting the war and get back to your smelly cheese and frogs legs now.
by Space Cowgirl September 07, 2006
Awesome, great, delightful, super tasty, super fashionable
That outfit is so frenchy
by Chachis March 12, 2013
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