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When a male inserts his penis into the middle of two female's oral area.
"It was soo sweet, Wendy and Alice gave me a French Vanilla"
by Brennan Henderson February 01, 2008
Beautiful white girl w/hip hop style.
I want that French-Vanilla wu-wear shirt.
by SistaSara May 16, 2004
when you cum on a girl and then dip your balls in the cum then "t-bag" her.
She enjoyed the french vanilla I gave her last night.
by Doe Bing December 16, 2009
what happens when your having sex with your girlfriend doggy-style and her friend is tickling your taint or gooch
i had the wildest three-way the other night when my girlfriend's best friend gave me a french vanilla!
by bubba77 November 06, 2007