Type 'french military victories' in a Google search and hit "I'm feeling lucky."
What should come up is:
Did you mean: French Military Defeats?
This implies that there have been no French Military Victories
by Miapants June 18, 2008
noun: The French high command's definition for a retreat or surrender where minimal casualties are suffered and the wine and cheese cellars are still intact.
French Commander: =Insert Snooty French Laugh= "Zis wuz one of our greatest French Military Victories"

Enemy commander: "We don't have enough room in our prison camps so we massacred off half your army and ate and drank all your cheese and wine"

French Commander: "Sacre Bleu!"
by Mr Danish May 31, 2009
To blow up a Greenpeace ship in order to prevent its participation in peaceful protest against your nuclear weapons testing. Aka 'Operation Satanic'
Sam: "What the fuck is that greasy froggy bastard doing talking about french military victories?"

by kevinbacon March 25, 2007

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