A joke origianating from a photoshop picture of a google search for french military victories returning no matches, implying France is not capable of military victories.

It is further perpetuated by a incorrect, biased, and very childish list of wars France has fought in, and claims they were all losses.
Crimean war: France were the first into sevastopol, and Russia surrendered to Paris.

American war of Independance: Cornwallis surrendered his sword to Rochambeau, who politely declined.

Hundred years war: England's early gained ground was taken back in an equal amount of time for it to be taken, and the land that England rightly owned was also taken by 1556.

1066: Superior tactics see France conquer England, and later wales under the Normans and Plantagenets.

Napoleon: Napoleon was indeed French born (not on the mainland though) and domiciled, although his parents were Italian. Accomplished more than Hitler in terms of European domination.

Indo-China: France re-establishes control in a few months, although kills millions of rebels. the United States tres the same and ends up hitting jack shit for fourteen years while seeing 50,000 soldiers die fromt he united states alone (ignoring other countries0. France's army, which was actually a coalition of other nations led by france loses 90,000.
by Kung-fu Jesus July 17, 2004
Type 'french military victories' in a Google search and hit "I'm feeling lucky."
What should come up is:
Did you mean: French Military Defeats?
This implies that there have been no French Military Victories
by Miapants June 18, 2008
noun: The French high command's definition for a retreat or surrender where minimal casualties are suffered and the wine and cheese cellars are still intact.
French Commander: =Insert Snooty French Laugh= "Zis wuz one of our greatest French Military Victories"

Enemy commander: "We don't have enough room in our prison camps so we massacred off half your army and ate and drank all your cheese and wine"

French Commander: "Sacre Bleu!"
by Mr Danish May 31, 2009
To blow up a Greenpeace ship in order to prevent its participation in peaceful protest against your nuclear weapons testing. Aka 'Operation Satanic'
Sam: "What the fuck is that greasy froggy bastard doing talking about french military victories?"

by kevinbacon March 25, 2007

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