A sexual move where one person starts to take a crap and a second person immediately shoves his dick or a dildo in the first person's ass to press the shit back in.
At the party she felt a turd poking out, so she asked me to follow her into the bathroom and give her a French press. Unfortunately she skooked in her panties later.
by Doctor Shakalu July 10, 2008
Top Definition
A raunchy sexual position where the woman is nearly upside down with all her body weight on her upper back and neck, legs straight up in the air. The male takes his position above her, pushing his cock straight down into the woman's anus and uses his legs to thrust, thus creating an action similar to pushing the plunger down on a french press coffee maker. Basically the anal version of the piledriver, a vaginal entry position. It can only be classified as a french press if the man ejaculates inside the woman after much "plunging" thus creating a burst of hot liquid - not coffee either, mind you.
The look on her face was priceless as I seamlessy transitioned from a piledriver to a french press.
by Lance Throbson April 10, 2007
The act of one gentleman taking another naked gentleman, who is sitting indian-style, and bench pressing him. This is preferably done so that the scrotum is placed in the mouth and the nose is placed in the anus during the workout.

Disclaimer: Not recommended for normal gym hours
"Hey bro you want to help me with a french press? Sweet. Take off your pants."
"I was offered a french press by my priest. It wasn't was i expected."
"What the fuck! I thought you meant coffee!!"
by thejockjizzle August 13, 2014
To squeeze the liquid out of a turd, using one's underwear, and into someone's mouth.
That four-dollar hooker let me French Press her twice!
by scala5k March 13, 2005
Process by which a constipated female puts a finger up her vagina and pushes it out her anus.
Jill: Ah I'm so constipated Michelle

Michelle: Try the french press! It helps me all the time!
by captain Swagger October 12, 2011
The act of sharting while tea bagging.
I was tea bagging Veronica when I felt a fart coming on. When I let it loose, I accidentally sharted all over her face. She laughed it off and thanked me for giving her her first french press.
by askldfjhh January 13, 2010
A masturbation technique where the "whacking" hand is turned backwards (thumb towards the balls, pinkie towards the head). While rubbing one out, you can also get a rigorous tricep workout.
I was doing the "french press" while watching this porno last night and my right tricep is looking ripped today.
by TeddySD March 16, 2007
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