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A woman who wears so much perfume she smells horrible. The French have long been notorious for their lack of personal hygiene; so instead of regular bathing they would douse themselves with perfume in an attempt to cover up their own funk. This is quite counter-productive since wearing too much perfume will make you smell just as bad if not worse than b.o.
A woman stinking like a French whore approached me at the bar. Her stink made me leave.
by qwerty67850 April 20, 2009
What my mom said I smell like today.
Mom: Why do you smell like a french whore?
by stfumat June 06, 2007
Someone who kisses with a lot of enthusiasm


Someone who is whore-ish beyond the norm
My oh My Ashley you kiss like a french-whore!
by Draco Malfoy. October 30, 2007
A single woman who smiles at a woman's husband and ignores his wife.
The french whore smiled at my husband and did not cast even a look at me. She thinks I am no match for her or him.
by Mavis Hitler April 05, 2009
A sexy bitch who serves men.
The french whore works as a waitress at a foreign cafe and brings order to the men at the table.
by Norika Fujiwara April 01, 2009
A person who kisses with extreme sluttyness.

A sex-obsessed maniac.
My my Ashley you sure are a french whore!
by Draco Malfoy. October 24, 2007

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