A term used by Great Lakes surfers to describe the awesomeness of waves.
Dude! That wave was SO french toast!
by Ms Cullen July 10, 2008
Top Definition
Slang for fuck. First used in a forum editing war by moderators. Speculation still remains as to who first used it.
That was frenchtoasting awesome!

Stop frenchtoasting editing my post!
by Stick_Branch September 16, 2007
1) An easy Breakfast to make.

2) Joan of Arc

I like French Toast.
by Mopey87 March 03, 2007
A food that, contrary to popular belief, is not called "toast by the french. It's called lost bread.
Frenchman: Would you like some lost bread?
American: You mean french toast?
by Zach G. December 03, 2003
A sexual act when a man ejaculates on their partner's stomach, and immediately flips over the partner and burns them.
"Why does she have a burn mark on her back?"

"Cause I french toasted her last night"
by WaffleMan January 18, 2013
Egging someone else's property, usually a car, then covering it with slices of bread, and leaving it in the sun. The sun cooks the eggs, baking the bread and ruining the car. Hence, french toast.
The Principal gave me detention the other day, so me and Pablo French Toasted his car.
by Hodge329 September 18, 2008
A simple concoction of bread, eggs, and milk. Dates back as far as Medieval Times.

It's also some how magically related to Asians.
Asians=French Toast????
by YourAdopted June 07, 2011
A nasty person who resembles french toast... usually has the following attributes: greasy hair-syrup, bad smelling-burnt eggs, baby powder in hair to try to cover up the grease-powdered sugar. May also be a mysterious whore-nobody knows where it came from and is everywhere.
Man: Hey did you see that Kaitlyn smith chick?

Woman: Yeah she's a real french toast.

Man: Hey, your right!
by christopher Eckelstien January 30, 2010
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