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This is what slobby meth whores and the like do before they go on a date. They may not have access to running water, or they are just plain lazy and they spray cheap perfume on their sweaty, gamey smelling bodies in lieu of a shower. Daughters and wives of pig farmers are well known for this behavior before they go on a date with pickup driving rednecks. Their pussieshave a horrendous odor reminiscent of rotting rough fish on the river bank.
I thought Donna was taking a shower first. I mean, after slopping those sows all day. The smell of cheap perfume could have gagged a maggot. When I smelled her gizmo my supper came up. She only took a french shower.
by running out of patience March 27, 2009
To cleanse ones self by applying only deodorant and cologne (or perfume). The French reference is in place because of the widely-held notion that the French are not fond of bathing on a regular basis.
Man, I got the freak on last night, woke up late for work so I had to take a French shower to make it in on time.
by gbic3548 June 08, 2004
To cover oneself with aftershave as an alternative to washing.
Student 1: Dude, the hot water's on the blink again!
Student 2: Fuck it, I'll just take a French Shower.
Student 1: Sweet
by Harry Sargent June 14, 2008
Similar to def. 1 above however sometimes one will apply soap and water to the armpits and dry with a (paper) towel before applying the deodorant.
"The days were getting longer and I was getting lazier. I resorted to French Showers with a diet of coffee and cigarettes"
by gillytech November 03, 2008
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