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Talking in a manner to imitate French kissing. Sounds horribly like a french toast on a french plate wid a french waiter who serves you wid a false french accent.

Not neccesarily in french though. Can be in German or Italian.

Usually used by couples (generally gay, see example) as a foreplay to French kissing. Also an alternative side play.
French talking:
Herr Adolf: Benevuti, il Duce... (eyes downcast)
Musollini: Bona Serra mi Bella Fuhrer! Mi Bella Adolf...(crying hysterically)
Herr Adolf: "Warum? Warum liebst du mich nicht? Ich hab keine Lust fur diese scheisse..."
Adolf and Benito slowly looked each other in the eyes and found a mutual understanding and clasped hands.
Benito looked ashamed. "Mi dispiache, Adolf..." he says, apologizing for sympathizing with the Allied Forces and pursuing a truce.
"Wir gehen zu Bett jetzt und alle ist sehr gut", Hitler said with a sly, foxy smile and with that tone of boyish charm which once won Rommell "The Desert Fox"'s heart during the war in the Balkans.
(Kissing and butt plugging ensue)
by Feelingallfuckedup November 01, 2006
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