Devouring food at such a fast pace that others may think you are attempting to get some physical exercise by eating so rapidly.
Holy crap! Did you just see that tub of lard next to us french press that entire whopper meal before he even sat down?!
by ibman67 October 06, 2008
another's ejactulation upon one's face
Damn! I french pressed that bitch last night!
by G Money Millionaire October 31, 2003
verb. The French Press is a two person, nasty sexual move, where one of the participants is propped upside down on their upper back, shoulders, and arms. A second nasty mo-fo injects the other with an anal surprise of coffee coffee enema, then the second player inserts his penis, or extra large dildo in the anus. When the throbbing grissle is removed the coffee pours out onto the floor.
Hey Cynthia let's go get a tarp and some Starbucks and do a French press at your grandma's house.
by WKF October 29, 2007

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