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A girl who leads men on with her beauty but then reveals that she does not believe in love but is going to marry a hockey player later in life.
Guy 1 "hey you still talking to that girl?"

Guy 2 "nah it turns out she is a French Canadian whore"
by Sebastien Leroy April 13, 2011
a blonde hooker who likes pearl necklaces and the dirty sanchez. most people would refer to her as sara. without an "h". sara is a closet lesbian who keeps action figures in her panocha, also known as her "cookie pocket". Don't ever trust the FCW's!! she's a jew bag
sara is a raging jew...stupid french canadian whore!

by japirish August 10, 2008
a closet lesbian who hooks for peanut butter. french canadian by birth and jewish by nature. claims to be a ninja but ass rapes retarded horses. we all know that retarded horse raping is not ninjaesque.
also known as sara the french canadian whore
by japninja August 11, 2008
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