A written rhyme over an instrumental beat which most hip hop artists claim is a freestyle.
I heard that "6 ft7 ft (freestyle)" TK posted up on Youtube. He know he wrote that sh!t down... that's a freeverse!
by Tra1118 March 25, 2011
Top Definition
When an artist writes lyrics over an instrumental, but they write it down, without too much practice, and like half freestyle half pre write it.
Dude did you hear that freestyle by Kid Domz!?

Nah I was there he wrote it down but it was kinda freeversed. You feel me?
by JACOB AKA NO FEAr December 26, 2011
A written rhyme over an instrumental beat (whether pen and paper, cell phone, computer, and/or instilled in mind) that most hip hop artists consider a freestyle.
I heard that "6Ft 7Ft (Freestyle)" that ol' dude uploaded on Youtube last week. I ain't hatin' on him, his flow nice... but he know he wrote that. It's not a freestyle, it's a freeverse.
by TEH3446 April 01, 2011
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