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A wack website that has been hacked several times. At one point, prior to the "new admins" taking over, the Board was an Okay website. Unfortunately, a few Power Trippin' net thugs destroyed the website and made a bunch of stories up to make it look "cooler" than it was. In 2001 Freestyle Universe battled Metaphorical Siccness (aka aka and lost the board battle in their Prime. Since then, the site has been hacked atleast 5 times and destroyed on several occasions. With bad Website Administrating, the Site would never prevail from the term "Wack".

Known for their Wack Administration team, FU will never again regain composure, knowing they can never be who they once thought they were: Competition to their Rival Board: "Metaphorical Siccness".,,, Notice they're all gone from the net?

Freestyle Universe is a wack ass site.
by Mr Devil May 24, 2006
An infamous hip hop website which consists of an ellite group of M.C.'s

Freestyle Universe will kick your ass
by The Master November 04, 2003
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