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This gay ass community in central NJ is full of everything (especially shit) town full of mexicans and italians who think their hot as hell. Sluts, whores, potheads, and most of all full of druggies. Out of everywhere in NJ this has to be the worst. Living here must be painful. Did i also mention that they have a whole ton of 14 year old whores who think their hot shit and walk around in their tight ass shirt and booty shorts. Its just not right. If you live in Freehold, your probably a pothead. Have fun living this this hell on earth!!
by yomamashouse21 March 30, 2009
Freehold, nj is a place where all of the white trash of new jersey came together and constructed a town. It is home to girls who can't decide on a hair color, claim to have friends, and freqently find themselves asking for a nose job for christmas. Miserable place, avoid it at all costs. If you have a boy hold tight cuz these sluzies would stop at nothing for decent looking dick...
Freehold, nj is a shithole. People there use phrases like, "tell daddy no quals for dinner."
by jen c. <3 January 03, 2006

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