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free·ricer: free-rahys, -rahys; noun, verb; free riced, free ricing.

1. Somebody who procrastinates crucial work in order to improve his or her vocabulary.

2. An individual who spends a majority of their time playing a game that is available on the internet where with each vocabulary question answered correctly 40 grains of rice are donated by a sponsor to UN World Food Organization.

Origin: 2008 combo; ME fre, OE fréo; c. Goth freis, OHG ; (G frei), D vrij, Skt priyá- dear. Cf. friend, Friday & ME ris, rys < OF < It riso, risi (in ML risium) < MGk orýzion, deriv. of Gk óryza]
Boss: Did you get those TPS reports from Katy?

Sonja: No Boss, Katy is a total free ricer. She may never get them done, but she sure has a resplendent vocabulary!
by Arianna K. May 17, 2008